Cybersri is a project set up by Department of SC/ST Development, Government of Kerala for providing advanced IT training and industry incubation centre for SC/ST students in Kerala. The centre was set up in CDIT premises and started functioning since 2003. The centre has successfully completed 2 batches of advanced IT training for BTech/MCA/MSc Computer Science candidates among SC/ST categories. The centre also ensures placements for these trained technical persons. In addition to this the centre initiated the following training programs also.
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•    To impart 3D animation training to SC/ST and backward class students
•    Suited for Bachelor of Fine Arts degree holders and talented degree holders
•    Intensive training with the support of advanced technology
•    Training to be conducted at Cybersri Centre
•    Training period of one batch six months
•    To train 10 students in two batches in one year 

Objectives of the Proposed Project

The project aims to train and promote students belonging to the SC/ST so that they come to the forefront and are equipped to compete for key positions in the IT arena. Closely following the pattern of the Cybersri training programme which was a grand success the 3D animation training will promote the entrepreneur skills of the SC/ST candidates in the global IT industry. Development of infrastructure facilities can be done following the Cybersri pattern. The current project will train 20 students each year.

The animation industry is heavily dependant upon information technology especially because the computers are carrying many of the processes out. As Cybersri is all set to impart IT training to SC/ST youth, the animation facility in Cybersri will cater to this need of specialized training in animation using computers.

Training will be given in the following areas:

1.    2D Cell Animation

•    Principles of Animation
•    Animation Drawing
•    Character Design
•    Human Study
•    Caricature
•    Story Boarding
•    Story Development
•    Staging
•    Cell Animation
•    Pencil Testing

2.    Adobe Photoshop basics

3.    Adobe Premier basics

4.    Autodesk Combustion basics

5.    Autodesk Maya (3D)

•    Understanding 3D Technologies
•    Modeling and Animating
•    Modeling the Character
•    Finishing the Character
•    Rigging the Character
•    Basics of Animation
•    Character Animation
•    Texturing the Character
•    Rendering Refinements